Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We just wrapped up our last batch of shows for 2010 this past week at the
5 Star Bar in downtown LA with Modern Time Machines on the last night
of their residency. It was quite nice and a big thanks to Ben and MTM for
having us on board on such a great show. Before that we played our last
Long Beach show of the year at The Prospector with the stellar line up
of The Vespertines, The Secret 6 and Bella Novela. Many thanks to
Jackie and Wade from Prospector for having us.

Now for the Announcement!

The Terrapin is proud to announce we will be the Friday Night Resident
Band at Casey's in downtown Los Angeles for January 2011!

As befitting our first residency we have booked an array of some of our
favorite acts in LA.

Friday January 7th: The Terrapin w/Bombon and DJ Oldboy

Friday January 14th:The Terrapin w/Hexham Heads

Friday January 21st:The Terrapin w/Kissing Cousins

Friday January 28th:The Terrapin w/Seasons and DJ Jen (KXLU) and
Jeff from Dirty Hippy Radio.

We will also be performing our first Long Beach show of the new year:

Tuesday January 11th:The Terrapin w/Bella Novela and Megafauna who
will be on tour from Texas

We are planning on releasing the "Inner Machine EP" at the end of the
month at the show with Seasons, so keep your fingers crossed on that one.

We will be playing different sets each night that will all include

There are some other things we are planning for the residency that you'll
just have to experience for yourself.

Artist Andrew Wilson is currently in the process of creating our residency
poster which will be up soon.

We recently also shot our first music video with Director Donovan Vim Crony.
More news on that as we get it.

Here are some stills from the shoot

Spaceland Tuesday October 5th:

Donovan also ran the live visuals for us at the Spaceland show and you can see
his brilliant handiwork in those couple of pictures we have. He created an
entirely new set of visuals for us for that night separate from the ones we have
been using recently. Pretty cool huh?

There are some other things still in the works for 2011 that we're working on
but don't be surprised if you see us back on the road.


Love and Turtles

The Terrapin

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