Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Terrapin at Pehrspace: Saturday, April 23rd

The Terrapin had the chance to play Pehrspace last night for the first time
in a couple of years. The only other time we've played there was in our early
days right after Bill joined the band when he was still playing sax. He couldn't
make the show and it became the last show we did as a trio. We played with
The Weather Underground that night before they changed their name and
became Red Cortez.

The first band on the bill were our dear friends in C-Horse. If you don't know
who they are or haven't heard their music you're missing out. They write and
play some of the catchiest pop music around right now. Their set included a
few new songs that had a more driving guitar sound. If you looked near one
of the PA speakers you would have seen me air drumming to most of their

I think there were a lot of things running through all our minds last night
as we began to set up our gear after C-Horse. Alan was in the midst of
celebrating his two year anniversary with his girlfriend, Vanessa's mom
was visiting in town visiting and seeing us play for the first time, I was
getting to play my new drum set for the first time and any number of
other things. We also had our good friend Donovan Vim Crony on
Team Terrapin last night running the live visuals for us. They looked
absolutely amazing. He is also the man behind this music video:

The guy is seriously talented and we are proud to work with him.

Remember how we said Alan was celebrating his two year anniversary
with his girlfriend? Well, we started the night by playing a song dedicated
to her. This was the song:

We totally covered Weezer.

The set felt like a wonderful blur of light and sound.

For the end of the set we played a song called "Sweet Carl." Last night
marked the third time we've ever played it. The original version
of it was written in the period when we were a five piece with our friend
Vince Phung on bass. It does require a two guitar assault so we don't
have many chances to play it live. With that being said we had our friend
Lindsay from C-Horse join us on bass so Bill could switch over and play
guitar. Needless to say we ended the set on a blissed out high note.

Our set list in order from last night:

El Scorcho



T-Rex/Goat Adventure (see below for video)

Bawdy Politic

Driving Drone


Moonage Daydream

Sweet Carl

Up next were the face melting gents of The Elephant Parallax.
Those guys were off the walls impressive, we'd never seen them
before last night. They made us think of some of our favorite
Prog bands and you know we like us some Prog Rock in case
you didn't know that already.

Closing the night were one of favorite acts from the Long
Beach music scene: The Bellhaunts. It was their first time
playing Pehrspace and they kept the crowd there til the
very end.

You may have also noticed the unusually good music being
played in between bands last night. That was due to the
turntable skills of DJ Oldboy a.k.a. Chris Lynch. If you were
at the first night of our Casey's residency this year in January
then you will remember him from that night as well.

Some other details: Matthew Teardrop from Manhattan Murder
Mystery was there working the sound for all the bands night.
It sounded great, so a big thanks to him(Nailed it!). Also, thank
you to Laurence who gave me the beer during our set. It was much
appreciated. The lovely flyer you saw at the top of this post was
done by the skillful hands of Courtney from C-Horse.

Not sure what else to say other than we had a great time with
great people. We soldier on to the next gig and hope you'll
continue to enjoy the ride with us.

"It's Just A Ride."

The Terrapin

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