Monday, January 17, 2011

Casey's Residency Night 2: January, 14th 2011

Night 2 of our Casey's residency saw us joined by our friends in the band
Hexham Heads. If you remember, we played with them at Spaceland in
October 2010 along with C-Horse and Nightmare Air. They have a a post-
punk sound that calls to bands like Bauhaus and Joy Division but isn't
scared to embrace a harder driving live performance. If you were there
on this particular night at Casey's then you also had a chance to see Rufo
from The Terrapin subbing on drums for them for the night. By all accounts
he didn't fully cheese it.

We also invited our friends in CMYK to DJ this night. CMYK laid down
some serious grooves from the get go. We're pretty pumped because
the dance floor action they laid down is coming back when they join us
once more on Night 3. Should you come back and dance your ass off?
What kind of question is that? Of course you should. If you're not shaking
it you're not living.

Speaking of shaking it, Thanks to everyone who helped fill up the floor
while we played. It's not often we play LA proper and have people actually
dance. The makes all of us very happy indeed. If you were there during
this dancefest, the song that may have done the trick is called 'The Party'.
It's a brand new song we wrote fairly recently. It's not on our upcoming
'Inner Machine' EP but will most likely be on the follow up to it. In the
mean time you should come to the gigs to catch it in all it's sweaty glory.
We also had our friend Lukas from Hexham Heads join us onstage in the
aftermath of 'The Party' to play our cover of The Smashing Pumpkins
song 'Bodies'. It was loud, fast, and noisy as hell, so in other words a great
deal of fun. We wrapped up night two in a hot sweaty mess but Rock & Roll
shouldn't be anything less.

Right below are a few pics snapped by John Ramirez.

Set list for Night 2
1) T-Rex/Goat Adventure
2) Driving Drone
3) Drag
4) Franjelica
5) Inner Machine
6) Birthcake
7) The Party (Brand New)
8) Bodies (Smashing Pumpkins cover with Lukas from Hexham Heads)

And if you've forgotten, we made a video to promote our four night stand
at Casey's:

and here's Birthcake just in case you haven't seen it already.

On a much sadder and personal note, Trish Keenan the singer
from british group Broadcast passed away that same day.
The Terrapin had the very good fortune of seeing them on
what ended up being their final LA performance at The Troubadour
in November 2009. We left that show in a collective haze of
wonder and awe. The projection work they did proved to be
a large inspiration for us to begin incorporating visual
elements to our performance. The musical influence Broadcast
has had in particular to both Vanessa and Rufo has been large
in both their lives. Trish and Broadcast are influences that we
have no problem readily admitting. If you aren't familiar with
their music here are the two songs that turned both Vanessa
and Rufo on to them.

And lastly, Broadcast performing their song 'Black Cat' at
The Troubadour November 2009.

We'll Miss You Trish Keenan.

The Terrapin

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