Friday, January 28, 2011

Casey's Residency Night 3: January, 21st 2011

Night 3 of our residency saw us joined by the ladies in Kissing Cousins.
Prior to this night the last time we played together had been about a year
or so back. If you aren't familiar with Kissing Cousins, they are a female
piece of some of the heaviest music being played in the LA music scene.
Imagine if the Melvins and Black Sabbath had a musical lovechild, it's
sort of like that but better. It was a definite pleasure to have with them
again after such a long time.

CMYK whom you may remember from the second week of our residency
returned to DJ this night as well. They laid down some great beats and
tunes that night that had butts shaking. What more can you ask from
a DJ duo? Not much. A big thanks to them for joining us for two
consecutive weeks.

By the time we hit the stage the floor seemed pretty filled as we launched into our
first song that night. Unlike the first two fridays where we ended with a cover, we
decided to start this week with one. Our cover song of choice this night was
'I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts' by legendary LA band X. We reshaped the song
into out own image. That is to say we sludged out certain sections while keeping
others closeish to the original arrangement. If you were there to witness this
cover then we suppose this description makes more sense. We played what we
consider to be a new and thorough reworking of a song called 'More'. That song
has been a staple of our live sets the last year and a half or so and is typically
played as an extension of another song called 'Know'. We slowed the tempo down
quite a bit and added an extended first half that is spacier and prettier. In this
version the song takes on a life of its own that we think is very separate from the
way we have been performing it.

What was the set list you may be wondering?

1) I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (X cover)
4)T.Rex/Goat Adventure
5)The Party
7)Bawdy Politic
8)Driving Drone
9)More (New Arragement/Song)

We don't have any pictures of this night but you imagine
it was loud and darkish with trippy projections.

Or catch these videos if you haven't already:

On to Night 4!

The Terrapin


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