Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Shows, Record Update!

Hey all,

since we wrapped up our Casey's residency we have been keeping
ourselves busy back here in the anthropomorphic world of The Terrapin.

Our first post-residency gig was Thursday February 10th with
The Studiofix who frickin' rock and Killola who rocked that place silly.
Seriously, this was a show of unrelenting rock from start to finish.
Do yourself a favor and look them both up.

We have a handful of shows happening that we'd like to let you
know about so here they are:

Wednesday, February 23rd at 5 Star Bar in Downtown LA

Saturday, March 12th at Riffhaus in Fullerton

Saturday, March 19th at Space2710 in Eagle Rock
w/Kissing Cousins

We played 5 Star Bar last November for the last night of the
Modern Time Machines residency and we're sure it'll be a fine
time in the old city. We've also never played Fullerton, nevermind
an All Ages house party in Fullerton. So that's going to be a
new experience. Then we'll be playing again with the lovely
ladies of Kissing Cousins who you may remember played
with us for the third night of our residency in January.

Come by to any of these shows if you can make it.

We just recently wrapped up mixing with Ikey Owens
who you may recognize as being the Keyboard player for
The Mars Volta as well as leader of his band Free Moral Agents.
We met up with Ikey and his engineer J.P. in Long Beach
and got to see and hear some of the finishing touches to
our Inner Machine record. There are just a few more things
we're sorting through but we'll have some more info regarding
the record fairly soon. It's going to be totally worth it.

Well, there you have it for now.

We'll see you soon.

The Terrapin

Bear, Cat, Koala, Ferret

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