Friday, February 4, 2011

Casey's Residency Night 4: January, 28th 2011

Night 4 of our residency brought back to a place we have quickly learned
to call our home in downtown. To say goodbye in style we brought along
Jeff from Dirty Hippy Radio and Jenny G who DJ's at KXLU to play some
songs. They spun a great mix of obscure garage rock both new and old
you really couldn't beat. If you weren't there for the awesomeness they
played you should make sure to tune in to 88.9 KXLU if you live in
Southern California or online at , their program plays on
Thursday afternoons from Noon to 3pm so check it out.

Seriously, you'll love it.

For this last show we picked the gentlemen in the band Seasons.
If you aren't familiar with them you should be (just like all the
bands and DJ's from all the other nights). Seasons play a blistering
mix of Psychedelic Rock tinged with a pop heart. We're big fans
and were excited to have them on this last night of our residency.

How about you just watch them play their song "Always" ?

How cool is that?

Yeah, exactly.

And we're going to be doing a lot more shows together come
end of March into early April. An official announcement will
be coming soon.

For our final residency night we felt pretty well into a good
solid groove after having played all month long. It was great
seeing so many friendly faces, old and new, that night. Even
though we've had to delay plans for releasing our new record
this month, it's because it looks like we're going to be releasing
it on Vinyl! Andrew Wilson who did the amazing residency
poster is doing our record cover as well. We think you're going
to love it.

We played the entirety of the forthcoming 'Inner Machine'
record plus a bevy of other goodies.


1)Inner Machine
4)Bawdy Politic
5)Know/More (1-5 are the songs comprising 'Inner Machine' in order)
6)Moonage Daydream (Bowie cover dedicated to Nik from Seasons)
7)T-Rex/Goat Adventure (New Song)
8)The Party (New Song)
9) SWEET CARL (New Song, special guest Vince Phung on Bass)

The first 5 songs mark where we have been musically over the last
year or two and Moonage to the end mark where the follow up to
'Inner Machine' is going. We saved the song 'Sweet Carl' for this show
because Seasons heard an old demo that they loved, that gave us the
kick in the butt we needed to rework it and finish it.

Vince Phung is our former bass player before Bill took over full time.
We've always been on good terms with him since his departure and
thought this would be a great time to have him join us for one night.
That does mean bill switched over to guitar for the song as well.
So for one brief moment we became the Megaterrapin as a 5 piece.
Will we do more shows with Vince? Perhaps, the future is yet written.

The Casey's residency has been one of the most positive experiences
we have had as a band and would like to say a big THANK YOU to
Dave Freeman at Casey's for booking us and letting us have this

Massive Thanks to


Hexham Heads:

Kissing Cousins:


DJ Oldboy:


Jeff at Dirty Hippy Radio:

Jenny G from KXLU:

and visual artist Zach McGinnes for running our visuals
all month long.

Less talk, more AV content from that night
(pic 1 taken by Vincent Roque, pic 2 by Amy Fortunato,
Video by Jeff from Dirty Hippy Radio.):

Hope you enjoyed the new song.



THANK YOU for your support.

The Terrapin


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